1. A translator is not obliged to make a word-to-word translation, but to translate with the aim of rendering accurate sense of the source text in accordance with the nature and specificity of both languages. On the other hand, a translator is not allowed to ‘create a new text’ by means of adding content or meaning which is not present in the source text.

2. Responsibility of the Translation Agency shall only be limited to providing quotations for individual orders.

3. The Translation Agency shall not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred by the Ordering Party in connection with using a text translated.

4. All and any Client’s own interference in a translated text without informing the Translation Agency and obtaining its consent, exempts the Translation Agency from any liability for the said text.

5. All and any more greater amendments or additions to the source text, introduced to it by the Client after concluding a Contract, may constitute the basis for re-negotiating conditions of the Contract and possibly cause changes in the translation delivery date and price.

6. Should an order be cancelled after concluding a Contract and providing a source text to be translated, the Client shall be obliged to settle the amount due for the translation in the amount reflecting current progress in translation of the said text.

7. In case of orders other than ordinary, we hereby reserve the right to employ more than one translator to work on the order and not to retain uniform terminology within the translated text. Should the Ordering Party require uniform terminology, it is necessary to provide us with a source of specialist vocabulary and enable consultation with the Ordering Party’s representative. In case specialist terminology is required, the deadline set by the Ordering Party may be exceeded without any financial consequences for the Translation Agency.

8. The Agency shall not be held liable for any delays caused by interference in fax or Internet connection, or for delivery time of translations sent by mail or courier.

9. All and any reservations can be submitted within 7 days from the day on which a given translation was handed over.